~ The Elisabeth Dress ~


We believe that every day should be dedicated to doing our best to heal and safeguard the planet we live on and love so much!
We wanted to create a clothing line that contributes to our cause and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Clothing fit to perfection. Classic silhouettes that will never get old, made with recycled and vintage fabrics that are available while we have them and gone when they sell out. We want to take the effort out of sustainability and give you clothing you can wear forever.

~ The Venus Dress ~


As the impact of the fashion industry on the environment becomes very apparent, we are exploring more second-hand or recycled products. All of our fabrics are sourced from rag houses in Los Angeles that sell vintage or small batches of discarded fabrics from larger fashion houses who are looking to get rid of their overstock. We take these fabrics that would have been thrown away and re-use them to turn the old & wasteful into the new & beautiful.

We manufacture with a wonderful family-run factory in East Los Angeles. We work closely with them as they sew and cut and stitch the finishing touches on every piece. It is important to us to support our local artisans and contribute to fair wages and great working conditions in our community.

~ The Valentina Dress ~


Introducing our limited edition Venus Dress made with organic hand-foraged dyes. Just like we don't buy pesticide-ridden foods, or makeup filled with toxins, why would we want chemicals in our favorite vintage-inspired dress? Our dyes are made by a friend and artisan based in Northern California. She forages plants and natural material and creates our organic dyes using a combination of indigo, composted avocado seeds, and oxidized iron.
Because of the hand-dyed process, each dress is unique, lovingly made, and as sustainable as it gets.

We are very passionate about supporting this type of artistry & sustainable way of producing clothing!

~ The Venus Romper ~


Our Earth needs our help. Our Earth needs our love. Our Earth needs our actions.
The changes you implement in your daily life, the messages you send to others, whether big or small, will start a movement. Let’s do this together. Follow along in our stories and sign up for our newsletter to see what we are doing about it & what you can do too!

~ The Neptune Sets ~


Our Neptune Sets, made from a variety of vintage and upcycled fabrics, can be worn many different ways.
The bandana top can be tied in the front for a cute knotted look,
or tied in the back to show off the décolletage and shoulders.

They can even be worn as a sarong around the waist, or as a larger scarf in the hair.
The scrunchie can be used on its own or with the ribbon attached, tied in a cute bow or worn as a headband.
Get creative and show off your colors!