La Perla (Summer 2024 Collection)

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La Perla (Summer 2024 Collection)


“Come fly away, go a million miles, take a holiday, where I can hide away, where the crowds are gone, I’ll hear the silent song, so here a life like this you can do no wrong.” “Gonna find a life like this where one belongs.”

Whisk me away to la playa de Careyes & anywhere your brilliant heart may take you…

Where La Perla is our muse, where she is you. Perla is considered one of the most perfect humans, when she enters a room you know it because of how radiant her whole essence is & how alive her energy is. After knowing Perla, you will love her, even if you can’t be around forever. She will bring you places you have always wanted to be.
From the radiance that flowed from the coast arises her name, La Perla. In ancient times, sailors associated this radiance with the white of the pearls of the sea. In our times, it is distinguished by the vibrancy of a person, a friend a lover.

The "La Perla" collection is inspired by how vivid life is when you are happy, when you feel like La Perla, city color, bright & shiny girls, tropical vibes, vintage details, a true eclectic musing of different eras & times vibrant prints & sentimental styles, refreshing waters, hidden city streets, and moody sunsets over sultry city nights & deep blue oceans. This collection is meant to whisk you away to unchartered territories, dancing among the cactus flowers all the way to the cantina under the blazing sun. Or towards a lively city bar on a hot summer day. Adorned with ballerina mini dresses for twirling, embroidered sun dresses, tiny cotton bloomers, colorful bikinis for sandy cheeks and to add that cocktail umbrella on top of the perfect summer outfit, our most bold & important prints yet sensual velvet burnout fabrics, true silks, satins, and light cottons that bring a feeling of desire, playfulness and gentle femininity & adventure. This Summer’s Jewelry is our take on a resurgence of youth, charm and past times of decadence that honored the female body and its feminine nature. Playful symbolism. Bohemian but make it 2024. Victorian but make it wearable. Old style beach vibes. Brooklyn rooftop parties. The 70’s in California meadows. Our jewelry is at its finest, most fun-loving & seductive it has ever been.

Created directly from our adventurous hearts for you.

Vanessa Mooney



  • Photographer: Cameron Hammond
  • Producer: Rachel Hammond
  • Muse:  Bregje Heinen