Lookbook - 2015 Holiday

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Hollywood Forever

Vanessa Mooney Holiday 2015 Collection

  • Shot by: Asher Moss
  • Model: Maddi Bragg
  • Hair: Nelli Christine
  • Make-up: Dana Dalaney
  • Stylist: Melodi Meadows
  • Producer: Vivianne Lapointe

Here is the story of "Hollywood Forever"....

The soft light of the sun's shadows cast through the halls of an old Hollywood Apartment. Rising from your nights dreams, you sit reminiscing on the simplicity of the old days, the golden days, the days when there was something to be told. It's a holiday season where family and dreams take center stage. You bow your head to old Hollywood. An ode to what created you, through the continuation of creation you allow your dreams to unfold & perpetuate the lineage of imagination. It is with this that we introduce Vanessa Mooney's newest Collection.

Inspired by her roots, the history of her family. The Warner Brothers. Growing up in Hollywood, her families optimistic voices, hard work, never ending dreams and inspiration.

This is a thank you to them.

Shot in a classic Hollywood apartment near the neighborhood where she grew up.This Holiday Collection demonstrates how today's thoughts and tonight's visions become tomorrow's reality. A stunning acquisition that is dedicated to the dreamers, the doers & the determined. Trusting in the inherited sensibility from her family, those who gambled everything on a dream. It demonstrates the pure and natural beauty of a woman, her past & present challenging us to create something beautiful from nothing.

Mooney's creations are an alluring combination of both delicate and bold, tassels & silver, draping pieces that feel like they are from another time.

Take part in the dream & continue the vision with Vanessa Mooney's latest collection "Hollywood Forever" because you never know where your dreams will take you!