Resort 2015 Collection

  • Photographer: Janell Shirtcliff
  • Model: Laura Hanson
  • Hair/Make-up: Sienree
  • Make-up: Amy Strozzi
  • Stylist: Donna Lisa

Introducing Resort 2015, the newest collection from Vanessa Mooney. As we enter the New Year, we’re ready to break free of winter’s grasp and blossom into a new beginning. This mini collection offers a peak into the spirit behind our forthcoming Spring 2015 collection. We long for spring and summer, where long weekends whisk us away to music festivals and the sun-soaked days turn into balmy nights spent dancing under the stars.

Complete with cascading layers of silver and curative stones like turquoise, amethyst, lapis, hematite, and quartz crystal, the Resort 2015 collection offers the perfect accessories for your best year yet!