Lookbook - 2016 Summer

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No Boundaries

Vanessa Mooney Summer 2016 Collection

  • Shot by: Michael Donovan
  • Model: Page Elkington
  • Hair: Luke Chamberlain
  • Make-up: Stacey Tan
  • Stylist: Donna Lisa
  • Production & Set Design: Jessica Garrison

We are proud to present our new Summer Collection called "No Boundaries".

Boundaries are what help us makes sense of the world; they help put things into neat little boxes. But what happens when you completely disregard them?

The summer collection was inspired by defying categorization. The things that happen when you embrace the wildness that rises up, when you get a little reckless, a little fearless.

The buzzing energy that you feel from the girls who could not care less about anything but having the best time of anyone wherever you are.

The little wink and smile that gets you a wristband and backstage access.

The space that opens up when you loosen your grip and let in the great whatever, because at least with the promise of pizza at the end of the night what’s the worse that could happen?

No Boundaries was designed with the belief in mind that the coolest girls are the ones who are having the most fun. The moment when you stop worrying about other people and just live is the moment when an endless summer begins.

Graphic shapes with bold edges, cuffs and collars, rings begging to be stacked. Contrasted with gold detailing and delicate chains and stones, these pieces are as much appropriate for the rager of the summer as they are for languid afternoon spent recovering from the night before.

That’s all what we have to say: the rest is up to you.

Xoxoxo Vanessa