Lookbook - 2017 Spring - Joyride

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Vanessa Mooney Spring 2017 Collection

  • Photographer: Jason Lee Parry
  • Model: Paige Reifler
  • Hair: Tony Vin
  • Make-up: Samuel Paul
  • Stylist: Kelley Ash
  • Producer: Jane Derryberry
  • Video: Davey Cooperwasser

A joyride is never about the destination, but the moments along the way.

This collection is about that feeling. That unleashed feeling of a wild spirit with new-found freedom. It’s that feeling when you first get your license, and the whole world opens up. It’s those summer nights when you smoked your first cigarette, or flashed your first car, or made out with the lead singer of your favorite punk band. The time of pinky swears and young love.

Leaning on chain link fences, eating pop rocks in the sun. When you’d drive around to weird places and stop somewhere for no other reason than it was pretty, and you felt like stopping.

It’s that teenage nothingness, with no worries or plans. When small moments consume you, and change you. And all your pitstops are tiny revolutions, landmarks on the road to something greater.

I’ve always been inspired by times of revolution. When I was a teenager I aimed to move against the grain. I worshipped counter culture. That, I think, is when fashion is at its best. Because renewed purpose and creativity occur in those moments in time when people feel a need for change. The most beautiful things emerge from the cocoon of status quo.

Right now feels like one of those times. It’s never been so important to reveal ourselves, with wild abandonment, and have faith in the adventure. Live for those moments, both small and large. Feel the freedom, like air between your fingers, driving up the coast with your arm out the window. Let’s leave town and stand up for a cause. Let's worship that.

Let’s worship the pit stops. Let's worship the feeling of the sun on our skin. Let’s worship the small daisies we find on the ground. Let’s not think too seriously. But let’s be serious about what we think. Let’s have less worries. More joyrides.

A collection filled with Arrows, Arrowheads, Peace Signs, Falcon Talons & Circles. Daisys, Crotchet, Turqouise, Bone, Abalone, Gold Collars, Crosses, Leather, Fringe Necklaces & Earrings & Denim all symbolizing what this next season is all about.


The Twiggy Necklace The Flora Necklace
The Twiggy Earrings
The Magdalena Choker
The Magdalena Choker The Valley Earrings Shop Joyride The Magdalena Choker The Siren Necklace The Kiley Choker The Twiggy Earrings The Siren Necklace
The Rogue Choker
The Young Love Necklace
The Reno Necklace
The Anastasia Necklace
The LA Nite Bolo The Young Love Earrings
The Siren Necklace
The Katherine Choker The Lover Boy Necklace
The Young Love Earrings
The Young Love Earrings
The Lover Boy Necklace
The Fara Necklace
The Lucille Choker
The Eden Earrings
The Mera Choker
The Mary Earrings
The Magdalena Choker
The Santa Rosa Choker
The Farrow Earrings
The Eviana Bandana
The Dallas Choker
The Dallas Choker
The Fay Choker
The Sioux Choker
The Kiley Earrings
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