Love Is My Paradise (Holiday 2023 Collection)

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Love Is My Paradise (Holiday 2023 Collection)


Inspired by far away travels, blissful pleasure, true friendship, vintage treasures, and the art & beauty of a woman, this Collection is for the fun-loving, creative and all-feeling woman.

Alluring and uninhibited, this collection is filled with statement pendants & daggers, glistening golden hearts, sweet pearls, luxe gemstone layers & pearlescent rosaries; alongside a rich tapestry of flowing dress silhouettes & ultra-romantic corset tops for the heavenly female figure.

"La Dolce Vita" is about finding joy, peace & pleasure in all of life! It’s about enjoying a glass of wine with loved ones, basking in the joy of food, of friendship, the warm sun on your body, dressing up, laughter, optimism, day-dreaming of our heart’s greatest fantasies, delightful bubble baths or taking a leisurely barefooted stroll together through sun-warmed soil.
It is our reminder to slow down or go fast, but in all ways take in the sweet moments of now, here in this life.

Enjoy life to its fullest! Do or die!
“While there is Life, there is Hope!”

Welcome to L'amore è il mio paradiso. Love is my paradise.
And we are crazy about you!

Vanessa Mooney



  • Photographer: Cameron Hammond
  • Producer: Rachel Hammond
  • Muses: Freya Walton & Marie-Louise Wedel