The Divination Collection

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The Divination Collection

Star light star bright first star I see tonight.

We are the seekers of knowledge, the foretellers of future, there is nothing that is unknown to us! We are magic.

This is the part of the story that focuses on the Divine Femme.

We are nurturers. Intuitive & perceptive. We have the awareness of all!

Our divine power transcends human capacities. Our divine nature is good & gentle.

We are capable of determining the cause of events that will change our future forever.

And we’ll look absolutely divine doing it. As we are the beauty of mankind!

This collection features jewels & gems to nurture our feminine side, to bring us calm, divinity, good fortune and success! Jewels that will inspire intuition, divine nature, divine love, in a divine world.

Clustered CZ stones, Silver & Gold mixed chain and multi charmed necklaces, Turquoise enamel, real turquoise, crescent moons & tiny star burst charms, bursting suns with tiny topaz stones, gold vermeil lightening bolts
Vintage delicate & bold gold chains, labradorite stone pendants sultry serpents, moonstones, crystal points, flashy flower power diamond earrings, diamond encrusted heart & star earrings, gold vermeil & antique silver cascading diamond earrings of your dreams.

So Fine & Divine!

Thank you!
Xoxox Vanessa Mooney


  • Photographer: Cameron Hammond
  • Model: Lena Simonne
  • Producer: Rachel Gill Hammond