The Tangerine Sky Collection (Spring 2022)

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The Tangerine Sky Collection


From sunset to sunrise, our Spring Collection is about embracing what comes your way. It’s everything you want to wear when you’re in the mood to let anything happen. It’s a playful day-to-night swim dress for those wild days turned to nights, and nights into brand new days. For when strangers become friends, even accomplices, hopping fences in whimsical suits to swim in stolen pools. The perfect vintage print dress to wear dancing until bars close, and the night feels eternally young. It’s charmed and lucky, like all the shiny wishes that sparkle on the floor of a fountain in the moonlight. It's for when you meet a couple cowboys, hop in their truck and head to an after party on the beach. Flames reflect in your eyes and glint on your jewels as you share secrets in the glow of a raging bonfire.

You wear big silver hearts on bandana neckties, because your heart is huge and obvious. When you love, you love to the max. Your feelings worn all over body, dangling from your wrists and neck. In turquoise sunflowers and Aztec amulets. Thick rhodium cuffs and kaleidoscopic stones. Messy bows of satin ribbon laced up on corduroy corset tops. Your fingers layered with shiny proclamations of all your passions and desires. Iconic Vanessa Mooney print silk dresses laying crumpled on the shore. In this moment, the beach is yours, and the whole world your unexplored playground.

White dunes glow lavender at sunrise. Your hair is wet from skinny dipping. Sandy handprints cover your back, your thighs. You’re sore from dancing and laughing. But warm under a new lover’s coat, shoulder to shoulder as the sky turns tangerine and a blazing sun crowns the horizon.

This is Tangerine Sky.




  • Photographer: Cameron Hammond
  • Producer: Rachel Hammond
  • Muse: Myrthe Bolt