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About A Babe: Jessica Garrison

Introducing "About A Babe", an interview column that explores the minds of girls we are wild about. The artists that span a variety of styles, the sparkly personalities that excite us, the muses that inspire our own personal definitions of what makes a 'cool girl' cool. It's a peek into Vanessa's mind and heart via the girls who occupy it. The first installment features Jessica Garrison, a production designer (her talent was tapped for our upcoming Summer '16 Lookbook!), an insanely talented fiction writer, and adored friend.


How did you and Vanessa come into each others lives?

I think it started because we both like dogs and pinot grigio. We've spent a good number of nights sitting on the kitchen counter, legs dangling over the cupboard, eating funyuns, drinking wine with ice cubes.


Why are you friends? Why do you think she loves you so much? How do you think you inspire her so?

Haha that's a lot of questions disguised as one! Okay. I don't know why we're friends. No one's ever asked me that. Let me think. I'm attracted to people with no filter, which makes Vanessa just my type. And if she loves me so much, I think it's because she has that capacity. She loves things in great quantity. It's refreshing in a world of "yea I'm good," and "things are okay." To Vanessa things aren't so gray. And they're not for me either. I think we inspire each other to see things differently.


How would you describe yourself to someone you really wanted to impress?

I'd probably just closed-mouth smile and let Vanessa do the talking. She's good at leaving impressions.

How would you describe yourself to someone you really DID NOT want to impress?
I wouldn't.
What do you think about Fashion?
The last conversation I had about fashion was with Vanessa when we ended up at a magazine issue release and I told her how much I hated fashion parties. I own maybe three dresses, one pair of pants, and seven scrunchies. But I do think the day goes better when you like your outfit.
What gets you off about Vanessa’s jewelry?
Haha good question! I like the way it touches my neck.

Tell us about your writing projects and why you think people respond the way they do to it?

I'm working on a book and a script. But recently I've been writing these short journal-type stories on Instagram (something I never thought I'd say). They're mostly about a breakup and how messy my life became, and I think people respond to them because they recognize the feeling. We all have our own messes, and when you share the same as another, the mess starts to look kind of beautiful.

If you could inspire your friends or the girls of this world, what would you say to them right this minute?
Let's stick together and be better people.

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