Le Paradis Collection (Holiday 2021)

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Le Paradis Collection 

Le Paradis” is French for Heaven.

A collection meant to be worn in your own small paradise, the heaven on earth you create wherever you are. Where mountains meet the glittering sea, and sacred ground is beneath you—paths walked by gods and goddesses in a utopia of your own making. A place where fantasy is reality, and you’ve got all the charmed gems and jewels to match. Arrived by winged stallion in turquoise skies, here the possibilities are as endless and bright as the sparkling horizon in your mind.

Your own personal heaven, all your favorite pleasures, the little details of natural and unearthly beauty tailored just to your liking. The warmest light, the sun, the fabrics, the wetness, the breeze, the sensuality, the love. The way the light warms your face. The way your wet hair feels on a lounge chair as it dries in the sun. The way a cool velvet sofa feels between your toes, how your necklace touches your neck. It’s all pure pleasure.

You created this world to indulge in, to roam in, to admire all the beauty it holds. From self to skies, the way you want to dress, the way you wear jewelry, the way the scent of jasmine fills the air. It’s your own complete world. Nobody else’s influence, nobody else’s opinions or ideas. Because no one knows you like you.

Suntan oil glistens on your fingertips. Flowering lemon trees reflect the the sunny mood of your yellow string bikini. A bubbling jacuzzi. As the sun goes down, the light touch of a clean silk dress is perfect bliss. Out your window, the most inspiring, expansive view. A perfect escape, where the only sounds are your own, plus the birds and the bees, and the wind on the sea.

Moonstone starbursts, rings of layered gold, shining strings of pearl, and royal gemstones encased in delicate filigree adorn powerful fingers. Champagne satins and cream silks glow in the sun. Bright fuchsia prints inspired by wild, blooming gardens of dahlias. Fabrics feel airy and light, and move as sensually as you do. From clothing to jewelry, it’s all as close to heaven as we could possibly imagine. 

Le Paradis Collection was photographed in the Village of Eze, an old medieval village on the French Riviera at the peak of a mountain overlooking the sea. Located on a steep hill with only winding cobblestone roads, no cars are allowed in the village, so there were no sounds of machines. Only silence graced with sounds of the sea.



  • Photographer: Cameron Hammond
  • Producer: Rachel Hammond
  • Model: Frida Aasen