Lookbook - 2016 Resort

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Villa Carlotta

Vanessa Mooney Resort 2016 Collection

  • Shot by: Dove Shore
  • Model: Kendall Walters
  • Hair: Christine Nelli
  • Make-up: Dana Dalaney
  • Stylist: Donna Lisa
  • Producer: Vivianne Lapointe

There is something about those perfect days spent wrapped up in your own world.

When the outside life has no room in your own. When your daydreams, your ideas, your make believe, your music, your art and your imagination are all that exist.

The kind of days when you could be alone for hours, sitting on your floor playing dress up with your mom’s jewelry box, listening to your favorite songs over and over again, painting the faces of people and places you have never seen before but somehow know so well. Putting your thoughts down into words, which somehow made them so much more real and understandable.

Spending hours thinking about whabe like when you are older, when you have finally done and seen things you have always wanted.

Do you remember walking by an open window or the door of an old apartment building and looking inside for just a second. Wanting only to know more of the world inside of there.

Or passing by a person on the street and wondering what it might be like to know them, have met them.

Not worrying about what direction or path your life might take you but simply admiring what way it could go.

The days when life was less about what we thought we needed and more about who we just were.

I remember all of those moments, they were the important ones, the ones that lead us in the right direction.

This collection is both delicate and strong with rock 'n roll looking chains and studs like the “Casablanca Cut Out Diamond Chain Earrings” that loop through all earholes and chokers with delicate chain and cut-out triangles. We worked with our favorite, most natural looking stones, Turquoise & Lapis and used mixes of gold and silver in one beautiful piece.

Inspired by teenage dreams, innocence, our happiest moments, a memory of how innocence grew into strength and the passion for truth through creativity, Villa Carlotta will bring you back to a place when daydreams were all that mattered.

All those kind of dreamy moments are what I wanted you to feel from our latest Look Book, Villa Carlotta, Resort 2016

XOXOOX Vanessa Mooney