Lookbook - 2017 Summer - Our Amour

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The Vandal Earrings

Our Amour 

Vanessa Mooney Summer 2017 Collection

  • Photographer: Jason Lee Parry
  • Model: Anna Speckhart
  • Hair: Tony Vin
  • Make-up: Amy Chance
  • Stylist: Chloe Chippendale
  • Producer: Jane Derryberry
  • Video: Davey Cooperwasser

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the worlds needs is people who have come alive”
–Howard Thurman  

 This collection is about expression – unadulterated and uninhibited. Dancing to Purple Rain in the desert, standing in the sun with a protest sign. In a time of a thousand causes to fight for, it’s easy to forget how powerful a single statement can be.

 I remember in the eighties watching Sid Vicious. He wore bike chains and chain mail, he bled on stage. In everything he did, he was making a statement. Madonna was doing the same. She wore cone bras and bows and fishnets and bondage. She made sexuality synonymous with powerful women. She had me dancing in underage clubs, with big hair and big jewelry, rolling my hips, mouthing “touched for the very first time”.

 As a child, all I knew was to express myself creatively, without a censor. I would put on a bright pink tutu and rhinestone tiara, dip my brushes in gobs of color, and paint my way out of confusion.

 When we become adults, we can lose that sense of naivety and wonder. Let’s take that back. Let’s say what we feel, and do it in fishnets. Let’s bleed on stage. Let’s share the art we each have in a way that makes a statement and inspires. Let’s go big.

Our Amour is a collection filled with Chain Link, Lion Door Knockers, Bold Shapes, Punk Style,  Bike Chain & Toggle Necklaces, Crosses, Hearts Within Hearts, Hoops Within Hoops, Snake Chain Fringe, Black & Gold, Labradorite & Onyx, Layered Chains.

Bisous, mon amour!


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