Luna Fall 2017

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Vanessa Mooney Fall 2017 Collection

  • Photographer: Jason Lee Parry
  • Model: Kate Bogucharskaia
  • Hair: Whitney Sheild
  • Make-up: Amy Chance
  • Stylist: Heather Muir
  • Prop Stylist: Enoch Choi
  • Producer: Jane Derryberry

In the time of an eclipse, something ends, and another thing begins.

This Fall Collection is comprised of two releases, Sol & Luna – jewelry signifying and honoring the dichotomy of human nature.

Pieces that are masculine and powerful perfectly aligned with styles that are feminine and celestial. Thick gold chains like the Nas Chain & the Tionne Choker coupled with the crystal studded crescents and delicate chain fringe of the Cielo Series. Bold animal imagery seen in the Latifah styles are juxtaposed with the aerial signs and symbols of the Ursa & Vega Series.

The virility of Sol pays homage to a 90’s hip hop aesthetic and expresses a masculine power, while Luna is comprised of a more emotionally astute and ethereally inspired collection of pieces.

We gain strength from the sun and perception from the moon. We become firm in our beliefs, while at the same time, striving to be open and more compassionate to every human being.

As the world around us is rapidly changing, we emerge confident and with a purpose. Our jewelry is designed to mean something, linking the wearer to a certain idea or memory.

 Sol is filled with Lapis & Gold Drops, Large Gold & Silver Beaded Hoops, Himalayan Pink Jade Stones, Gold Bars, Crystal Studded Medallions, Body Chains, Animals Including Tigers, Scorpions, Snakes & Doves, Crystal Keys & Lightning Bolts, Thick Gold Snake Chains, Heavy Textured Chains

Luna is filled with Hematite Studded Squares, Gold & Black Snake Chain Fringe, Gold Bezel Set Pyrite & Smoky Quartz, Ethiopian Diamond & Circle Charms, Crescent Shapes, Wolf & Moon Medallions, Nepali Brass Shapes, Jade Stones, Hematite Hearts, Onyx Stars and Spikes...