Once Upon A Dream Collection (Holiday / Resort 2022)

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A Moment To Revel Collection Story


Once Upon A Dream Collection 


For a girl whose imagination is godlike, and seduction is easy. Who have inside them the power to build worlds and break them down on any passing whim, with each fancy thought or notion.

Revel in the feeling of foamy bathwater as it drips from your fingers, a goddess of the sea who makes storms in her mind, and serene blue seas at the same time. Feel the light on your neck as it shines through grand, panoramic windows. Sunlight is its warmest when it shines on you.

Time beats to the race of your own quickened heart. You’re in love one minute, and done the next, each moment as endless and instant as that first seductive glance—across the room, or in the mirror, under your lashes, or under your fingers. When you create your own moments, time is moved, and seduced, by you.

This is a collection to celebrate that moment, of a passing year, or a passing thought. For all the gigantic and tiny bits of beauty in your world, like the magenta sun as it begins to set, or the heart you wear as a protective amulet. For every creation, adoration, and flirtation. Every direction in your world points north. This collection is for your moment of power. To wear what you wish as you walk through a crowd to that party in the hills, or in the valley of the gods.

It’s a moment to gift yourself. To place the most special jewels on your neck and wrists, pearls and turquoise, raw diamond hearts, tiers of golden chains and charms. The ornate silver cross, to protect and remind you of the divine power you have in your heart. It’s the cream silk dress you feel on your hips, the Art Deco gems you have on your fingers. For the girl whose whole world is in the palm of her hands, this collection is made for you.



  • Photographer: Cameron Hammond
  • Producer: Rachel Hammond
  • Model: Frida Aasen