The Lotus Collection (Fall 2021)

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The Lotus Collection Story

The Lotus Collection 

The Lotus flower is a sacred flower. It is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-creation and rebirth. From the outside, a beautiful flower with delicate allure, but underneath the water’s surface reveals a strong, resilient flower capable of self regeneration. Laying its roots in muddy waters, the lotus stretches to the surface, and blooms, opening like a heart, one pink petal at a time. A serene example of what humans are capable of, that even from the dirtiest waters, a beautiful flower grows.
I was inspired by Aurora, Roman goddess of the dawn, worshipped for all the charming details that a new light brings—a fresh dewdrop on the petals of a lotus flower, or the gentle awakening of a Monarch butterfly. She is all the unseen beauty in that fleeting moment of transition.
This collection is about that feeling. A gentle change. Delicate power. The strength in the stillness of the moment in between. To feel the quick enthralling feelings that happen in one second before a graceful transformation.
It is intense originality worn in subtle, inviting ways, with little hints of happiness that show without trying. An undone button, a fallen strap, a bejeweled butterfly perched on wandering fingers. Sensual satins and silks made to flow with your mood, or soft brocade prints for the timeless romantics.
As seasons turn, and the world shifts around us, this collection was made in the spirit of the moment. A lovely, wild moment in times of change. It’s paring down to one classic pendant, or the simplicity of a vintage inspired hoop. Pearls dangling on your collar, and chokers made of gold.
The Lotus Jewelry Collection features ornate cross pendants and magical gold vermeil daisy beads, garnet stone chain rosaries and 24K gold-plated pavé hoops with dangling cross charms, Freshwater Pearls with Aqua & Crystal CZ drops, brilliant cut Diamond & Geniune & Natural Pink Turmaline 14k gold plated over sterling silver Butterfly necklaces and rings, opal and diamond rings, and gorgeous crystal gemstone crosses.
On the fun and lighter side, The Lotus Collection features chained hoop and crystal stud earrings, crosses to play in, black African vinyl beads, Black & Crystal bad girl rings, Sassy Emerald 80’s pearl necklaces.



  • Photographer: Ina Lekiewicz
  • Model: Annabelle Landry