Once Upon A Dream Collection (Resort 2021)

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Once Upon A Dream Collection 

Once upon a dream, there was a girl who made her own world. She lived in a sea of romance, where waves lapped a pearly shore, and from head to toe and heart to soul came all the beauty she so adored.

A collection of resort swimwear and jewelry emerges from this world on the sea. Inspired by a time of wonder and imagination. A time of friendship bracelets and secret concerts in basements. Roller rink romance and hearts carved in a tree. A time where anything and everything could inspire. Where age doesn’t exist and and time and place don’t matter. All that’s important is whatever you’re feeling in the moment. And the world is yours for the making.

Riding foamy waves in an abstract 80s print bikini, the water is yours. The big blue sea revolves around you, it ebbs and flows to the beat of your own melodic heart.

Mini daisy gingham prints that feel like childhood and a 60s summer of love. In your world, it can be any time, and all times at once. Bright yellow florals and lime green prints tied together with an easy bow. Pink vintage flower prints, like the cover of that diary that held all your secrets. And bright messy strokes of a finger-painting on the cathedral ceiling in your mind. A time capsule to childlike wonder. An imaginative collection of string bikinis to make you feel only the feelings you want, whenever you want to feel them.

My mom used to have a big trunk of costumes that I could go in any time and become someone else. There was no rhyme or reason to it. I could be a ballerina pirouetting across the decks of a pirate ship, or an emperor doing magic tricks for the birds. I could be anyone I wanted, in any time and place. It didn’t have to make sense to anyone, because it was my world and it made sense to me.

I would open her jewelry box and pull out treasures. Filigree crosses, silver medallions, delicate chains of pearls. And I would pair them with my favorite elastic choker and concert wristbands, or the yin yang heart my boyfriend gave me from a quarter machine. It was about acting on instant attraction. Grabbing and wearing whatever I was attracted to in the moment, creating my own world and starting with the jewels.

This collection is about innocence and wisdom both—the freedom to imagine your own wild world, and the wisdom in not caring about anyone else’s. A nineties crystal-encrusted gold winged skull that reminds you of being a punk rocker, paired with the simplicity of the evil eye, sacred protection worn close to your heart. A rhinestone cross like your mama used to wear, paired with the pearl necklace that hangs all your favorite charms. It’s that black elastic choker you loved so much, but now it’s made of gold. And an 8-ball, pearl and daisy necklace makes the perfect layer for a Yin Yang heart of crystals to give you that quick enthralling rush of young love.

Xo, Vanessa



  • Photographer: Cameron Hammond
  • Producer: Rachel Hammond
  • Model: Frida Aasen