The Venus Collection

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The Venus Collection

Venus, The Roman Goddess of love, sex, beauty, fertility and desire.

She was our goddess of victory, born of the foam from our sea. The most beautiful deity whose angelic appearance could charm even the hardest of hearts.

She stood tall, naked at the center of a canvas, looking ethereal and luminous. A symbol of both physical and spiritual beauty.

Worshipped. Her fertility powers spread from all the gardens of this world to all the humans who lived on it.

The planet Venus – the only planet named after a female, our deity Venus – because it shone the brightest of the five planets known to ancient astronomers.

She is our second planet from our sun. Earth’s sister planet.

A whole year on Venus is just one day on earth.

This collection is inspired by HER.

It’s inspired by the idea of endless time, love, planets & beauty.

The collection is the story of divine love, true romance, the very beginnings of it all, beauty beyond this current world, and future time beyond this current existence.

The Venus Jewelry Collection features magical relics, enchanting ruby drops, starry night charms, medusa heads, bold chains, vintage regal hearts, charming curb chain bracelets, red enamel & striking gold, gold rope collar necklaces, sapphire snakes, dashing tiny crystal snakes. Emblem mixed vintage chain tassel earrings, bejeweled & royal clustered silver, mixed vintage chain crystal diamond necklaces and earrings. Star lover earring sets. Gold vermeil & topaz encrusted sundials. Poseidon inspired love jewels to Venus, for their child, from the sea starburst earrings & necklaces to the rich sapphire blues, ruby reds & perfect pinks. Alluring raw diamond & ruby gold vermeil stacking rings. Ruby, sapphire & raw diamond encrusted clasp with bold vintage chains. Perfectly proper cocktail rings.

This collection takes mystical risks, embraces passionate adventure & inspires love & fertility.

The Venus & Neptune Collection Clothing takes us to a place, where time is on our side, there is no past, present or future. We can be for as long as we want to be. Create for eternity on any planet & with anything we choose. We designed only 3 pieces this season using batches of limited, vintage inspired, sustainable fabric. Handpicked for the most timeless feel. Special for our girl that believes in things outside this world.

Thank you from my soul to yours!

– Vanessa Mooney


  • Photographer: Cameron Hammond
  • Model: Lena Simonne
  • Producer: Rachel Gill Hammond