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  • Photographer: Andrew Kuykendall
  • Model: Chelsea Gilligan
  • Hair & Make-up: Daniele Piersons

Our first ever collection of clothing is finally here & we couldn’t be more excited & proud for this super special release!!

It’s been a long time in our hearts this project! The idea of making our brand into a full lifestyle brand has always felt like it would be a natural progression. We’ve known it was more than just jewelry that we had to do! We kill it with the jewelry game and thought we should just start killing it across the boards for you. Why not!

From the very beginnings of this company. We have always imagined when designing our jewelry & accessories, who the girl is, how she would be wearing it, where she’d be wearing it, what would she’d be doing & how cool she would be looking in it! It only seemed natural that we would be able to give the whole feel and look to you!!

We can’t thank you enough for this opportunity! It is our honor to make beautiful things for you! Thank you for your undying support of the brand and our creations! We live and breath to make you feel something wonderful!

So here is our first capsule collection of CLOTHING!!!

Four pieces, fit to perfection. Classic silhouettes that will never get old. Made in Los Angeles. Using a limited run of vintage inspired fabrics. Where once they sell out that is it.

We wanted to keep each piece feeling special. Well made. A piece you’ll wear forever and have in your closet for years to come. Fitted, sexy & unique. Something you would have a real hard time finding anywhere else. These classic silhouettes will remain available and re-issued in different fabrics exclusively sold on our website.

Cannot wait to see all of you incredibly gorgeous girls around the world in our new clothing!!

All my love to you forever!!

Vanessa Mooney